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Football Stats is your gateway to a quantitative understanding of football (or soccer as it remains known in the US and a few other places).

Use the Football Stats app on ™Apple iPhones and iPads during a game to capture all the information about passing, turnovers and scoring to enable comprehensive and spatial analysis of a football/soccer game.

The data is collected using simple gestures through the course of the game. A quick demo within the app. explains the gestures for first-time users. With minutes practice you will be able to track:

  • passes, tackles and turnovers
  • goals and shots
  • throw-ins, goal kicks and corners
  • free kicks, penalties, dropballs and substitutions

Stress levels for both teams are shown in real time on the screen as you capture data. Game summary statistics, passing sequence analysis are accessible with a single tap of the screen.

At the end of the game, email your team with a game summary and the full set of game data. All of the captured data is available for download and later analysis. From within the app, you can also review detailed analysis of each play through the game. For example, review each sequence of passes starting with a goal kick to get a deep understanding of how the team is playing out from the back.

Use the game statistics to provide measurable targets that the team can work toward over the course of the season. Share the game analysis with players and team officials through this website by adding them as team members.

How to capture game data

Go straight to the tutorial.

Football Stats can capture a lot of information about the action in a football game. The game data is captured using a simple set of gestures on an iPhone or iPad. While simple, these gestures do need to become second nature if you are going to capture quality data on subtle metrics like ball speed around the field. It is especially important to know how best to respond when surprises occur on the field. For example, how should you reflect a surprising decision about which team has won a throw-in from the side-line? How should you respond if the free kick is taken from somewhere different to where you thought it was awarded? The tutorial explains the basics of data capture and then provides helpful guidance on how to handle the more subtle situations that arise in a game of football.

A short video is also available explaining the basics of data capture using an actual game of futsal.

Product support

Product support is available through both a public and a private channel.

For public support, ask questions using the Football Stats Forum.

You can also email our development team.


If you do not log into the app using Google credentials, then you will not be sharing any personal or team data with the Football Stats dev. team or with any other individuals or organisations. In the event that you do log into the app. or this website, then you will be sharing your email with Football Stats dev. team. Your email will not be shared with third parties for any purpose whatsoever.

If you sign into the app and upload your game data, then your game data will be associated with your user account. Your game data may also be used to improve the measures of team performance that are built into the app.