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          • are defending the goal on the left. are defending the goal on the right.
          • Tap on a zone to see the ball movements for that zone only.
          • Green arrows indicate successful passes.
          • Blue arrows indicate intercepts/tackles that did not result in retention of possession or shots/goals.
          • Grey arrows indicate losses of possession.
          • Orange arrows indicate shots at goal that did not score.
          • Red arrows indicate goals scored by the team.
          •   Goal
          •   Shot that failed to score
          •   First touch
          •   Out of play for a corner
          •   Out of play for goalkick or sideline restart
          •   Ball caught by keeper
          •   All other events (infringements / end changes etc.)
          Statistic our team their team
          long range goals
          missed shots
          long range missed shots
          missed shots on target
          penalty area incursions
          conceded corners
          indirect free kicks conceded
          direct free kicks conceded
          penalties conceded
          pass completion rate
          forward pass completion rate
          backward pass completion rate
          forward pass attempt rate
          sequences of 2+ passes
          average passes per sequence
          longest pass sequence
          attacking possession
          defensive possession
          passes / minute in possession
          stress levels
          percentage ball control
          passing sequence penetration